Not Recognised Species and Subspecies

Réunion SolitairPreviously many more species and subspecies were regarded as extinct. A couple of centuries ago a naturalist could gain fame by naming a new species or subspecies. Naturalists were running all over the place trying to name new species and subspecies. The result of this was that they named a subspecies on very little differences within a species or named a species on little or doubtful information. (Wilson 2004)

Nowadays new research, especially DNA research, reveals that many of those so-called species and subspecies are not distinct from other subspecies or species, like e.g. the Réunion Solitaire, the Curaçao Rice Rat and the Dutch Alcon Blue. They are not regarded as a valid species or subspecies anymore!

Image: a Réunion Solitaire or White Dodo (Raphus solitarius) depicted by Frederick William Frohawk at plate 25 from Lord Lionel Walter Rothschild's book Extinct and Vanishing Birds of the World (1907). This image is in the public domain because the book's copyright has expired.

This page will show you some of those former recognised extinct species or subspecies. Do you know of taxonomic information that will change the status of a certain species or subspecies mentioned on The Sixth Extinction website? Please contact this website.


Mammals (Mammalia)
Not Recognised Scientific Name Common Name Recognised Scientific Name TSEW Status IUCN Status
Acerodon jubatus lucifer Panay Golden-capped Fruit Bat Acerodon jubatus NR NE
Alcelaphus caama caama Cape Red Hartebeest Alcelaphus caama NR NE
Bettongia lesueur graii Burrowing Bettong Bettongia lesueur NR NE
Bison bison oreganus Oregon Bison Bison bison athabascae NR NE
Bison bison pennsylvanicus Eastern Bison Bison bison bison NR NE
Bubalus macrocerus Long-horned Indian Buffalo Bubalus arnee arnee NR NE
Canis lupus alces Kenai Peninsula Wolf Canis lupus occidentalis NR NE
Canis lupus beothucus Newfoundland Wolf Canis lupus nubilus NR NE
Canis lupus bernardi Banks Island Tundra Wolf Canis lupus arctos NR NE
Canis lupus deitanus Spanish Wolf Canis lupus lupus / Canis lupus signatus NR NE
Canis lupus fuscus Cascade Mountains Wolf Canis lupus nubilus NR NE
Canis lupus mogollonensis Mogollon Mountain Wolf Canis lupus baileyi / Canis lupus nubilus NR NE
Canis lupus monstrabilis Texas Gray Wolf Canis lupus baileyi NR NE
Canis lupus youngi Southern Rocky Mountains Wolf Canis lupus nubilus NR NE
Cubacyon transversidens Cuban Dhole Canis lupus familiaris NR NE
Dasyurus maculatus bowlingi King Island Spotted-tailed Quoll Dasyurus maculatus maculatus NR NE
Dipodomys microps russeolus Dolphin Island Kangaroo Rat Dipodomys microps bonnevillei NR NE
Gazella arabica Arabian Gazelle Gazella dorcas NR DD
Heptaxodon bidens Puerto Rican Caviomorph Elasmodontomys obliquus NR NE
Homopsomys antillensis Large Puerto Rican Spiny Rat Heteropsomys insulans NR NE
Indocyon caribensis Indian Mute Dog Canis lupus familiaris NR NE
Isolobodon levir Haitian Isolobodon Isolobodon portoricensis NR NE
Lagostrophus fasciatus albipilis Banded Hare-Wallaby Lagostrophus fasciatus fasciatus NR NE
Lynx lynx alpina Italian Lynx Lynx lynx lynx / L. l. sardiniae NR NE
Macrotis lagotis grandis Nalpa Bilby Macrotis lagotis NR NE
Microtus pennsylvanicus nesophilus Gull Island Vole Microtus pennsylvanicus NR NE
Mus musculus muralis St Kilda House Mouse Mus musculus domesticus NR NE
Oryzomys curasoae Curaçao Rice Rat Oryzomys gorgasi NR DD
Oryzomys galapagoensis galapagoensis Chatham Island Rice Rat Oryzomys galapagoensis NR NE
Ovis canadensis auduboni Audubon Bighorn Sheep Ovis canadensis canadensis NR NE
Panthera leo europaea European Lion Panthera leo persica NR NE
Panthera onca arizonensis Arizona Jaguar Panthera onca NR NE
Paracoelops megalotis Vietnamese Leaf-nosed Bat Hipposideros pomona NR DD
Perameles bougainville fasciata Western Barred Bandicoot Perameles bougainville NR NE
Perameles bougainville myosura Eastern Barred Bandicoot Perameles bougainville NR NE
Peromyscus gossypinus anastasae Anastasia Island Cotton Mouse Peromyscus gossypinus NR NE
Peromyscus gossypinus restrictus Chadwick Beach Cotton Mouse Peromyscus gossypinus NR NE
Peromyscus polionotus decoloratus Ponce de Leon Beach Mouse Peromyscus polionotus NR NE
Plagiodontia spelaeum Least Hispaniolan Hutia Plagiodontia aedium aedium NR NE
Potorous sp. St Francis Island Potoroo Bettongia penicillata NR NE
Procyon lotor gloveralleni Barbados Raccoon Procyon lotor NR NE
Rangifer tarandus dawsonii Queen Charlotte Islands Caribou Rangifer tarandus caribou NR NE
Rattus culmorum austrinus South Australian Spiny-Haired Rat Rattus tunneyi / Rattus tunneyi culmorum NR NE
Rhinoceros sondaicus floweri Sumatran Javan Rhinoceros Rhinoceros sondaicus sondaicus NR NE
Sigmodon arizonae arizonae Arizona Cotton Rat Sigmodon arizonae NR NE
Sigmodon fulviventer goldmani Hot Springs Cotton Rat Sigmodon fulviventer NR NE
Sphiggurus pallidus Pallid Hairy Dwarf Porcupine Sphiggurus insidiosus NR NE
Sus scrofa sennaarensis Egyptian Wild Boar Sus scrofa scrofa NR NE
Synaptomys cooperi paludis Kansas Bog Lemming Synaptomys cooperi NR NE
Synaptomys cooperi relictus Nebraska Bog Lemming Synaptomys cooperi NR NE
Ursus arctos nelsoni Mexican Grizzly Bear Ursus arctos horribilis NR NE
Ursus arctos piscator Bergman's Bear Ursus arctos beringianus NR NE
Birds (Aves)
Not Recognised Scientific Name Common Name Recognised Scientific Name TSEW Status IUCN Status
Aramides gutturalis Red-Throated Wood-Rail Aramides cajanea NR NE
Cinclus cinclus olympicus Cyprus Dipper Cinclus cinclus caucasicus NR NE
Cygnus sumnerensis New Zealand Swan Cygnus atratus NR NE
Gallirallus sharpei Sharpe's Rail Gallirallus philippensis NR NE
Haliaeetus australis Chatham Island Sea-eagle None NR NE
Laniarius liberatus Bulo Burti Boubou Laniarius aethiopicus NR NE
Pelecanus novaezealandiae New Zealand Pelican Pelecanus conspicillatus NR NE
Raphus solitarius Réunion Solitaire Threskiornis solitarius NR NE
Molluscs (Mollusca)
Not Recognised Scientific Name Common Name Recognised Scientific Name TSEW Status IUCN Status
Belgrandiella boetersi Unknown
Belgrandiella intermedia
Bythinella intermedia
Bythinella austriaca austriaca
Partula attenuata Unknown
Samoana attenuata
Insects (Insecta)
Not Recognised Scientific Name Common Name Recognised Scientific Name TSEW Status IUCN Status
Maculinea alcon arenaria Dutch Alcon Blue
Maculinea alcon


The Sixth Extinction Database (TSED)

The Sixth Extinction has created a database (TSED 1.0) with currently all known recent mammal extinctions, possible extinctions, extinctions in the wild, rediscoveries, and more. Later versions of this database will include extinctions from all animal and plant groups. The database is free to download in Excel and OpenDocument formats.

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